Thursday, 10 March 2016

The Alice Diet and Does it Gives Weight Loss Results

A lot you might have heard of this popular diet called The Alice Diet. But don't know much about this diet and does it helps in losing weight fast. Some people also like to call this diet as The Alice in the Wonderland Diet because in this diet a person supposed to survive only by drinking tea. As, we all know that tea doesn't have calories and is part of many popular weight loss diets. So, in this diet we are going leverage the power of tea and the perfect slim body that we want. There are a lot of other diets also such as the abc diet and the 2468 diet which people can use to lose weight fast, but here we are going talk about the Alice diet thoroughly. Though a lot of people claim it works very well, some might not agree and don't believe in such diets, we'll discuss the reason later in this post. So, you might be worried that how can a person only survive on tea and nothing else, for that we want to tell you that you can drink milk with tea to keep your body going by feeding it the minimum required amount of calories. Also we suggest you to take all the necessary vitamins that you might require if you are following the pro ana alice diet.

Note: We highly recommend to take minimum amount of calories (that is 1200-1500 calories for women) while following any kind of diet. We also restrict all our readers, not to follow any diet that does not fulfils the minimum calorie requirement specified above.

What is the Pro Ana Alice Diet for Weight Loss

Now the schedule of the Alice diet includes only tea, but with that we suggest our readers to take some nuts, almonds or any other thing that'll help your body keep going through the diet by supplying you all the protein, energy and also the minimum calories required by your body. The whole diet routine just has tea, but you are allowed to make changes according to your body to prevent yourself from weakness.

Alice Diet

Alice Diet Results

So, this was the basic schedule of Alice's Diet. Many people have shown tremendous transformation by showcasing their Alice Diet Before and after images showing how much weight they lost. . While, many say that such diets will eventually cause your body to gain even more weight than you had before. Let us explain supposed logic behind this. According to some studies, when you start taking less calories, your body will get used to it and will start storing what little calories it gets by decreasing the body metabolism which can also make you weak and lazy and storing all the calories it gets. But after you end the diet and return to your normal eating habits, your body will still be used to storing calories, which will eventually make you fat.

But, afterall these are just theories that people have given with any much of a proof. You can always try a diet and see for yourself, or if you have tried this diet you can help others by sharing your experience in the comments section below. 

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